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Cranberry 500ml

Cranberry 500ml

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A special thing happened in our factory the other day. A blushing red cranberry fell in love with a handsomely rounded apple. Who’s to say how these things happen? Well, actually, at Sir ‘Cupid’ Fruit we need to take some credit. We did go to a lot of effort to create the perfect ambience. The temperature in our chilling rooms are controlled to stay in that most romantic of ranges: between 3°C and 5°C. And, if we do say so ourselves, we really do select only the best-looking produce. Anyway, we couldn’t tear these two love-fruits apart, and this beautiful blend is the result. Here’s to the fruit!
(Now, on an unrelated matter, we need to clarify a historic misunderstanding. It should be noted that Edward Watson’s 1860 poem entitled ‘The Cranberry Tart’ is not a reference to Sir Fruit’s lovely wife, Lady Fruit. Glad that’s clear.)

  • Bursting with cranberry, minus the bite
  • A harmonious blend of the good stuff
  • For those who can’t decide which fruit they prefer